Everything you need for fully digital insurance

Sure unites core insurance technologies in a single platform to centralize critical business data and operations. Our technology houses modular components designed to meet the specific needs of your insurance program.

Reliable technology

With a platform uptime of 99.9% you can be sure you won’t fall short of your goals.

You’ve got options

Complement your current tech stack by selecting platform components that fill the missing pieces. Or, employ our entire platform to achieve all of your insurance distribution, policy, claims, agent, and API goals in a single location.

Ongoing innovation

Experience innovation as it happens. You get automatic updates of the newest Platform features the moment they're released to keep you on the cutting edge of technology.


Leverage Sure’s robust core infrastructure to power meaningful direct-to-consumer, B2B, and B2B2C experiences online.

Ongoing innovation

Calculate policy rates in as little as 200 milliseconds with Sure's Rating Engine.

Premium collection

Support global markets by leveraging the Sure Platform’s multi-language and multi-currency capabilities with flexible options for ACH, debit, and credit.

Quoting engine

Rely on the accuracy of a quoting engine that's generated tens of billions of quotes and can auto-populate first- and third-party data to speed up quoting time.

Policy binding & issuance

Empower customers to fully customize coverage limits and bind policies instantly while generating state-specific policy documents and certificates of insurance directly from the Sure Platform.


Manage every step of policy servicing – from quotes to renewals – for streamlined operations and enhanced efficiency.

Policy administration

Record, store, and easily retrieve policy documents, including quotes, binders, endorsements, billing details, renewal notices, and more.

System of record

Manage application forms, issue refunds, cancel policies, change coverage limits, and send policy documents in minutes.


Use Sure’s reporting products, or integrate with your existing business intelligence tools, to quickly understand the current state of your business and inform decision-making.


Automate integrations with analytics, data warehouse, and data visualization tools from leading providers such as Amazon Redshift, Microsoft Dynamics, Snowflake, Tableau, and more.


Create an enhanced customer experience with an efficient claims process from notice of loss to settlement with the Sure Platform.


Leverage our platform for comprehensive claims management or integrate with existing systems.


Streamline the claim filing process with a seamless digital interface that includes pre-populated data, claim status updates, and notifications.

Adjudication & payment

Integrate your business rules into Sure’s claims module for fast claims adjudication and direct payments to customers with our AI-based claims engine.


Work collaboratively across the organization on a single platform that allows you to easily assign permissions to individuals based on function and role.


Equip agents with modern technology that streamlines the day-to-day sales process and enhances the overall customer experience.

Enhanced experience

Create a unique customer experience using technology that bridges the gap between online and offline channels.

Omnichannel communication

Expand communication between agents and customers to include convenient interaction across all digital channels.

Digital workflows

Streamline the proposal process with electronic distribution and signing of documents while enabling customers to review quotes and bind on their own time using a simple digital interface.

Agent distribution

Accurately attribute sales and distribute commissions to agents.


Build atop SaaS infrastructure strong enough to stand on its own and flexible enough to support your existing enterprise architecture in the cloud or on-prem.


Automatically integrate with existing SSO, CRM, marketing automation, financial reporting, analytics, support desk, and chat tools.


Our RESTful APIs offer fast, reliable performance backed by 99.9% uptime and comprehensive documentation.


Leverage webhooks for event-based callbacks to your applications or third-party APIs.


Achieve your insurance platform goals without putting strain on existing resources or adding overhead with no-code integrations.

300+ Integrations

Automatically connect to any vendor in our extensive integrations library. Looking for a unique connector? Our professional services team ensures a hassle-free integrations experience.
Microsoft Dynamics
+ many more

Safe and secure with Sure

Embrace innovation without the worry of security.

Sure maintains compliance with industry guidelines and implements added internal measures to ensure your data is safe. Our Platform and infrastructure operate on top of the most secure cloud computing environment available today.

We are PCI and SOC 2 compliant and our team conducts regular vulnerability scanning using the latest technology to defend against threats.

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