Silicon Valley has been known as the tech epicenter of the country since the 1970s. However, as technology becomes more advanced and startups become more popular, a new region of the Golden State is giving Silicon Valley a run for its money: Los Angeles.

In fact, the LA tech scene is thriving with over 6,300 startups across the area with the most popular industries ranging from consumer web to digital media and e-commerce.

So if the flourishing LA tech scene sounds exciting to you, then you’re in the right place. We rounded up six companies that are currently looking for talented people to join their ranks.


What they do: Sure aims to simplify the sales and service of digital insurance through its enterprise SaaS platform and APIs.  

Why Director of Backend Engineering Kyle Snell has stayed at Sure: “The technical endeavors and challenges at Sure are constantly evolving, which is a big reason as to why I like working here,” Snell said. “Insurance in itself is an intricate and highly detailed industry and building insurance software solutions adds an additional layer to the existing complexity. As an engineering team, we’ve worked hard to develop an infrastructure and codebase that both expects and works well with the intricacies of the many products configured on our platform.

“We see every new product and feature as an opportunity to find creative and innovative ways to incorporate them into our existing framework and find ways of making them as reusable as possible. This mindset, as opposed to constantly bolting on new business logic, allows us to have an elegant, and most importantly, an approachable codebase that is capable of expanding its capabilities to any requirement in the insurance space.”

What excites Snell about the future of Sure: “I’ve really enjoyed watching the entire Sure team grow, especially on the engineering side. Successfully scaling an engineering team goes beyond just hiring the right individuals, and we’ve all worked hard to be mindful of the many other supporting items. From improving our onboarding to maintaining technical and company-specific documentation, to constantly finding ways to increase cross-team communication, we push to ensure all of our team members are consistently set up for success.

“As a management team, one of our responsibilities is to establish and improve our team conventions and practices, and we do this with regular input from our colleagues and teammates. At the same time, we all understand that we need to remain flexible as we continue to grow, and be willing to adapt when things that worked well for a team of five aren’t working as well for a team of 20. This has resulted in processes that are well established and easy to follow, yet also leave room to be fluid as we move forward. Having designed our team processes with scalability and adaptability in mind from the start has greatly helped prevent the ‘growing pains’ that are common in rapidly expanding companies.”

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