Introducing Sure’s 2024 State of Digital Insurance Report

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2024 State of Digital Insurance Report
From buying a home, to purchasing a car, to the safekeeping of family members, insurance is being distributed and purchased in new and innovative ways. For consumers, buying options have reached modern levels of convenience with digital autonomy in just a matter of clicks. For carriers and brands, offering these purchase capabilities broadens market reach and enhances user experiences and loyalties.
However, building and managing a digital insurance program can be a long and painful journey. There are complexities in creating an efficient digital insurance program that only those working with rate service organizations (RSOs) can explain. In order to better serve our partners and fully understand where carriers and brands are at in their digital insurance journey, The State of Digital Insurance Survey was born.
We strategically worked with a market research firm that specializes in digital insurance and is used by over a billion professionals. Over 200 insurance industry decision-makers partook in this survey. Our goal was to learn and share about the tools people are using to meet their needs and how satisfied they are with specific elements of RSOs.
The best part? The survey is anonymous and vendor agnostic, which means that respondents could be as honest as they wanted – and they were. Here are just a couple of highlights from the report.

Top takeaways

respondents know rate service organizations (RSOs)


of respondents consider themselves to be very knowledgeable or moderately knowledgeable about RSOs.

digital insurance can cost you


of respondents say their company spends at least $1 million annually to build, launch, and maintain insurance programs.

not so rso easy


of respondents say the RSO they use or are researching requires a massive amount of effort to get their insurance program off the ground, maintain, and launch digitally.

satisfaction not guaranteed


of respondents are not satisfied with their RSO or ones they are evaluating.

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