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Founded in 2015, Sure is the fastest-growing insurtech in the industry.

Our journey to unlock the potential of digital insurance.

The story of Sure all began on a flight. Sure CEO Wayne Slavin was en route to Las Vegas from San Francisco when his plane suddenly experienced some pretty rough turbulence. Rationally, he knew that there was nothing to be concerned about, but he was still a little unnerved — and he could tell his fellow passengers were too.
It then dawned on him that there should be an easy way for someone to buy insurance on-the-spot. In this case, it was the idea of purchasing life insurance before boarding a flight. So Wayne set out to build a proprietary app for people to purchase insurance quickly and frictionlessly, setting Sure up to spend its early years fulfilling the episodic insurance needs of consumers by making it possible to digitally insure the things most important to them in that moment.
Today, we continue on our mission to make digital insurance available to every consumer by powering the digital insurance programs of the world’s most recognized carriers, brands, marketplaces, software companies, MGAs, TSAs, and more. Our solutions make insurance accessible to every individual and strengthen the relationship between providers and consumers by streamlining the way insurance is sold and serviced.
Backed by a team of insurance experts, Sure provides everything you need to unlock the potential of digital insurance.

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What makes us Sure

We are disruptors, and our customers are disruptors
We believe in innovation
We are on a mission to provide a simplistic approach to a complex problem
We care about our customer’s customers
We believe that insurance doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to understand
We believe everyone should have easy access to insurance


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