Introducing the future of insurance: Anywhere Insurance

Claims made easy

Eliminate friction in the claims process for your customers with Platform. From notice of loss to settlement, Platform creates an enhanced customer experience with an efficient claims process.

A better claims experience for your customers

The claims process is one of the most frustrating experiences for consumers — but it doesn’t have to be. Platform makes it easy to flip the claims experience from a pain point to a value add.

Core capabilities

With Platform, you can optimize the claims experience — for you and your customers.


Leverage Platform for comprehensive claims management or integrate with your existing systems.


Streamline the claim filing process with a user-friendly interface that includes pre-populated data, claim status updates, and notifications.

Adjudication and payment

Integrate your business rules into Sure’s claims module for fast claims adjudication and direct payments to customers with our AI-based claims engine.


Work collaboratively across the organization on a single platform that allows you to easily assign permissions to individuals based on function and role.

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