Introducing Sure’s 2024 State of Digital Insurance Report

By Wayne Slavin, Co-Founder & CEO

Anywhere Insurance is a modern and modular digital insurance solution for any carrier, MGA, or brand that wants unique, tailored go-to-market insurance products paired with end-to-end technology and APIs. Years in the making, our new solution is a massive unlock for the insurance industry. It has come from painstaking frustration navigating through the inadequacies of the status quo, as well as the pain being experienced throughout the insurance value chain all the way to the consumer.

Through our firsthand experience launching billion dollar plus insurance programs with our partners, we have seen the many pain points of combining insurance products with modern technology – so we have a unique viewpoint through which to help guide the industry to this next phase of digital insurance. By taking what we’ve learned to build Anywhere from the ground up, we are revolutionizing the process of launching new insurance programs and then offering them digitally. This transformation is akin to the shift from a cash only payment society to one where people can buy anything from their phones. Future generations will not even know what paper money feels like – and that’s what the transition Anywhere will unlock for insurance as we move from offline to online. Think of Anywhere as the first step in an evolution of the insurance industry similar to how the payments industry began with Visa and Mastercard and today is Apple Pay. 

The results speak for themselves. Launching an insurance program with Anywhere is 800% faster. It means years of savings and a massive acceleration in delivering insurance solutions to carriers, businesses, brands, and, most importantly, consumers –  who all desire modern insurance solutions. Anywhere does it through proven insurance product filings with pre-configured policies and templates and a scalable solution that meets the needs of all. Importantly, we have paired it all with vastly superior technology, removing the need for heavy IT investments, lengthy implementation timelines, or costly servicing touch points.

Why Anywhere is necessary – now

We launched Anywhere because the status quo is a mess. Existing rate service organizations (RSOs) are not meeting the needs of carriers, MGAs, and brands to launch modern digital insurance programs. Current options are too slow, inflexible, and require lengthy build times, constant maintenance, and costly integrations. Taken together, the average time to market is three years with the status quo.

Despite these challenges, the industry has accepted that this is the cost of doing business because of unfettered control by legacy incumbents in the value chain of insurance products. Because no viable alternatives exist, a monopoly has grown stronger to inflict unnecessary pain on the industry.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however. Launching a new insurance program doesn’t need to take years of work and millions of dollars in investment. There can be a better way, and Anywhere was built to be that better way. Anywhere puts an end to this artificial constraint on the market and  a more seamless way to build digital insurance programs for the modern age.

How Anywhere is changing the face of insurance

With Anywhere, we have taken what was once a painful, frustrating process and made it a delightful experience. A first of its kind insurance program for carriers, MGAs, and brands, Anywhere eliminates all of the past friction of launching new digital insurance programs to get our partners to market faster than ever before and at a fraction of the cost.

Anywhere eliminates the need for building and filing from scratch,  rating-as-a-service headaches, constant maintenance with difficult documentation, and expensive system integrators taking years to launch. We’ve done all the heavy lifting to make the process of launching a new insurance program turnkey with pre-configured products, forms and endorsements, rates and rules, actuarial services for compliance and filings, and globally scalable technology platform built on Sure. With Anywhere, it’s all been taken care of so our partners can stress less and focus more on providing value to their customers.

Here are just a few of the ways that Anywhere stands out:

  • Modern capabilities – Anywhere is built for accelerating launch timelines by years through wrapping flexible, pre-integrated technology around modern insurance product filings, and industry leading insurance advisory services.
  • Modular choices – Anywhere is built for flexibility and choice, with a pre-configured foundation and options to tailor everything for the needs of adopters in their insurance program.

Steps to get you Anywhere

With our core insurance products and modern technology, Anywhere currently includes pre-built auto, homeowners, and renters insurance filings. Any carrier, MGA, or brand that wants to offer a truly unique insurance product to their customers or wants to enter a new market can launch a digital insurance program within six months using Anywhere’s modular capabilities. 

Anywhere frees up the data, manages the integration, and prioritizes the customer experience. With a decade of digital insurance experience under our belts, we’ve optimized the process for launching new digital insurance programs with Anywhere. 

Here are the simple steps to get you started on your digital insurance journey with Anywhere.  

Anywhere step 1

Sure will work with partners to determine which options from our insurance product suite are best suited to fit individual insurance program needs. Adopters can select a base product and then customize from start to finish.

Anywhere step 2

Sure’s growth services team will help with a plug-and-play integration with everything from white labels to third-party data. Working as a layer of technology within your existing tech stack, adopters can set it and forget it. Alternatively, Sure can be your full stack solution.

Anywhere step 3

Unlike the average go to market time of three years using the status quo, partners can get to market within six months. Expedite the process, put customers first with a world-class customer experience, and scale ROI with Anywhere.

Get started with Anywhere Insurance.