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By Brein Matturro, Director of Content

The company: Luxury linens online 

Beflax Linen is a natural bedding company based in Denver, CO. The owner, Katerina Rothman, was on a personal pursuit to find the best natural fiber bedding products when she started to take a deeper interest beyond her own personal interest. Her dedication became a bedding business venture about seven years ago, with a brick and mortar shop and an e-commerce site.

Over the past seven years, Katerina has built a luxury brand. She is passionate about natural fibers, sleep quality, and providing the best customer service. And, she has created a product that she considers an investment that is meant to stand the test of time. “Linen has so many amazing properties – it’s breathable, it’s thermo regulating, it’s luxurious,” Katerina shares. “Let’s call Cleopatra and ask her why she chose linen. It’s the only fabric that has over 5,000 years of reviews.”

The problem: Sorting out service

Katerina spent a lot of time sourcing the right quality linen to offer customers. Linen is fairly costly compared to other fabrics, but it is also more durable. So, if you’re purchasing from Beflax Linen, you’re making an investment in your bedding that will last you years to come. With the linen quality so high, it is a quite heavy fabric. On average, an individual sheet set could weigh six to eight pounds. 

Beflax Linen sells merchandise internationally, which means shipping costs can be quite expensive. For Katerina, this is a big factor for her ROI. On top of that, return shipping costs are an additional expense that need to be factored in, no matter how well regarded a product is. Even with all the discounted rates Katerina gets as an e-commerce brand, it is still a lot of money spent on shipping. “It eats up the profit,” she says. 

Katerina spent the first few years of her e-commerce business testing various methods of shipping strategies – from free return shipping to customer paid. And, with customer satisfaction being a high priority, finding the right balance in cost has been tricky. Even though returns are a rare occasion for Beflax Linen, sometimes customers want to exchange the color or size. “I want you to try linen – I want you to sleep on what's best for you. And, I want you to be happy with your choices,” Katerina says. But, being mindful of the return shipping price tag, she was having a hard time creating a cost effective return shipping strategy that worked for both Beflax Linen and her customers. Customers are investing when they purchase linens – and adding shipping cost could defer buyers. 

The solution: Retrace for returns

Katerina started using Retrace over a year ago. Retrace offers a suite of APIs that enables online merchants to provide various forms of embedded insurance and protection for customers – including return shipping protection. At the point of purchase, consumers can opt-in to the return protection product. The objective is to bring customers the service they need at the most opportune time, ultimately providing a seamless experience while building trust with customers. 

Using Retrace, Beflax Linen implemented a one-click return shipping protection option for customers to add to their cart at the point of sale. “Retrace helps me as a business owner deliver better customer service,” Katerina says. “Customers can purchase with ease and return with ease.”

The outcome: Protected products and peace of mind

Beflax Linen has found the balance in supporting customers with the most optimal return shipping options. Katerina provides high quality luxury linens and doesn’t have to worry about the potential return shipping expense for her or her customers. And, having the optional return shipping protection from Retrace has helped sales. Customers know that returning is no longer as painful as it could be. 

Moreover, this signals that Beflax Linen cares about the customer experience – both in the quality of the product and in how Beflax is investing in them. Return shipping protection adds an optional layer of support for the customer to alleviate the stress and concerns that buyers might feel as they are spending their precious dollars. “That's where Retrace comes in handy. It gives me as a business owner peace of mind knowing that I am able to offer the best customer services without dipping into profits.”