Using CB Insights’ Business Relationships data, we map out and analyze the growing number of partnerships between fintech and insurtech companies.

Companies that bundle

A growing number of consumer-facing fintech startups — facing increased scrutiny stemming from high valuations and profitability concerns — are looking to expand their core businesses by “rebundling” a range of financial services products into their offerings. One way they are doing this is through partnerships with insurtech companies.  

The value proposition can be appealing to both parties.

Fintech companies can leverage insurtech partnerships to increase revenue and provide additional value to their customers. For insurtech companies, these partnerships can provide a large and engaged user base into which they can sell. Even the biggest insurtech companies tend to have far fewer customers than their fintech counterparts. Renters insurance provider Lemonade, for instance, has about 900K customers compared to Chime‘s 10M banking customers.

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