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How TurboTenant increased renters insurance adoption by 30% in one week with Sure
About the company

All-in-one rental software for landlords

TurboTenant is a comprehensive online property management and tenant screening solution, enabling landlords to manage every step of the leasing process in a single platform.
As a leading rental software provider, the TurboTenant platform includes everything from advertising, screening, state-specific lease agreements, and rent collection. They also offer tenants seamless access to embedded renters insurance, which is where TurboTenant’s partnership with Sure all began.

We’re an all-in-one solution for landlords. We help them with all aspects of property management so they can scale their business in the easiest way possible. The more features we offer and the more that TurboTenant can do for landlords to manage their business, the better.

the problem

Meeting customers on mobile

To unlock access to renters insurance, TurboTenant was first using Sure’s iFrame technology for its dynamic interface. The partnership quickly expanded once TurboTenant realized they needed a different implementation solution to best support their customers' preferred ways of using the TurboTenant platform.
“We looked at our usage on mobile versus desktop. Over 90% of our renters are on mobile, so while the iFrame was a great way to dip our toe in the water with renters insurance, we needed a different long-term solution,” says Seamus Nally, CEO at TurboTenant.
The team at TurboTenant wanted a solution that would benefit both landlords as well as those who rent from them.
The TurboTenant team decided that moving from iFrame to an API was the best way to better serve mobile users. “If the best next step was to take-on the development work to integrate with an API, it made sense to evaluate all the competition,” according to Raj.
“Our goal was to reduce friction for tenants so that they can have access to the coverage they need to protect their belongings and the rental property without leaving the TurboTenant platform,” Seamus says.
the solution

A partner with experience

TurboTenant shopped for an API solution to offer access to renters insurance and researched several companies in addition to Sure.
After doing their due diligence, there were a number of reasons why Sure was the standout choice for their next iteration. First and foremost, there was a level of trust and familiarity with Sure helping TurboTenant first launch renters insurance in its platform.
There was also the realization that nobody could compete with Sure both on the technology side as well as with speed to market.
“We wanted to implement an API fast and we wanted to ensure that our landlords are adequately covered via their renters getting renters insurance,” Raj says. “Sure checked both those boxes.”
For Raj and his team, it helped that Sure provided TurboTenant with robust API documentation that other solutions did not offer. “Because Sure had API docs and it was something they had already done with other partners, we trusted that the kinks had been worked out. We just felt confident that there was the experience delivering what we needed,” Raj says. “With some of the other providers, it felt like we would be one of the first – or even the first. And, we didn’t want to be guinea pigs.”
Sure not only has the experience and technology to get the job done, it also has partnerships with trusted brands in order to provide the best possible customer experience for insurance support. “Sure offers policies that compare very well against competitors. In my research, I looked at the policies themselves and think it provides better coverage for the renters – and ultimately the landlords as well,” Raj says.
Sure and TurboTenant’s existing working partnership, mutual respect, joint vision, and shared data knowledge would prove to be the best – and fastest – way for TurboTenant to implement an API to offer access to renters insurance in its platform. Sure’s robust integrations are also a bonus.
the outcome

Rapid release, quick conversions

Since TurboTenant had never done an integration like this before, they needed help and access to resources, which Sure provided in spades. “There was a direct line of communication between the development team and tech resources on the Sure side,” Raj shares. “Sure opened a Slack workspace so my team could ask any questions directly and collaborate with Sure’s expert technologists from start to finish.”
The process from development to release took about two months, with only a couple of people on Raj’s team working on it, not their whole developer team. “In parallel, my team was able to complete other product and business objectives” Raj says. Raj and his team also had access to the highest levels of Sure for support. “We were speaking to and working directly with Sure’s CTO, so we were getting the quality support we needed.” TurboTenant credits the quick integration to the close working relationship with Sure’s technology team and access to Sure’s experts.

[TurboTenant] is great software that takes you by hand and guides you from the beginning to the end of the process of renting.

The API release proved to be an immediate success.
Within the first week of implementation, there was a 29% increase in conversion.
TurboTenant now feels confident in their ability to give renters a better user experience. “Before iFrame, if renters wanted to get insurance, it wasn't realistic for us to expect that would work smoothly when most of our renters were using mobile and we couldn't support that well.”
Raj says. “We feel more comfortable now that we can support renters better.”
"[TurboTenant] is very user-friendly and allows us to handle the application and screening process seamlessly. [It's an] absolutely fantastic tool for landlords and tenants!"
For landlords, TurboTenant automatically manages aspects of the rental process. TurboTenant can notify renters that insurance is required and the portal gives them easy access to Sure within the same environment. “Landlords love that we’re making it easy so they don’t have to do anything,” Raj says.
With the immediate increase in adoption of renters insurance, the TurboTenant team also felt a boost in morale. “Sometimes we don’t know how much of a difference it will make. It was nice that as soon as we provided access to this offering, we saw a change. It's good for the team to feel encouraged that the work they’re doing matters to our users and the business.”
With Sure’s API fully established, Raj and his team are free to work on other projects. Their time is no longer spent worrying about how a majority of users can access the mobile tenant portal. TurboTenant now focuses on future feature releases with continuous iterations through their self-service model with an ongoing partnership with Sure.
“As we get more adoption of our leasing products, our goal is to push more renters through the portal,” Seamus says.

It’s the perfect win-win. We believe in the necessity of renters insurance; Sure offers great coverage at
a competitive price, and it’s frictionless for tenants to purchase. Our partnership was the linchpin to make it happen.

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