Introducing the future of insurance: Anywhere Insurance

By Ben Veghte, Head of Communications & Marketing

2023 was a banner year for Sure. From winning awards to partnership expansions to the unveiling of new innovative solutions, we accomplished a lot in a short span of time. As we turn the page on 2023, we want to look back at our growth over the last year as a company that specializes in all aspects of digital insurance. Sure continues to provide the most trusted carriers and brands with everything they need to unlock the potential of digital insurance. 

To put it plainly, Sure is an anomaly – and intentionally so. There are several things about Sure that separates us in the crowded insurtech landscape. The first being that Sure specializes in working closely with non-insurance companies that want to launch digital insurance programs. The second is that our expert solutions are much more varied and significantly more complex than others in the space. Importantly, what we do fills deep voids within the insurance industry.

Our innovative solutions have not gone unnoticed in 2023, either. Sure won several leading awards. From the Inc. 5000 to the Forbes Fintech 50, the accolades we received were overwhelming and they’re just a small portion of Sure’s success in 2023. Let’s dive into a few of Sure’s highlights from the past year.

Solutions that meet the needs of partners

Working closely with our partners is imperative to building and maintaining solutions that consistently meet the needs of our partners. Each partnership is unique, and each solution we build is thoughtfully crafted with research, time, and expertise to ensure our partners can provide the most seamless experience for their customers. Here are just a couple examples of the new solutions we shipped in the last twelve months.


Officially launched in March, Retrace is new technology that enables online merchants to offer their customers embedded one-click insurance and protection at any point in the purchase flow for a variety of use cases such as e-commerce returns, travel insurance, and product warranty protection. With the launch of Retrace, Sure introduced its first e-commerce solution, enabling online merchants to offer customers return shipping protection at the point of sale to cover the cost of returning goods.

“Our technology reaches and engages customers wherever they are on their journey, and with Retrace, we are enabling online merchants to provide customers with embedded insurance and protection tools,” says Wayne Slavin, co-founder and CEO of Sure. “We’re starting with the first of its kind one-click return shipping protection but the sky’s the limit, and we have set our sights on a variety of other products spanning travel insurance to warranty protection and beyond.”

With Retrace’s return shipping protection, a merchant can enhance the shopping experience for customers while improving the costs of return shipping for their businesses. In doing so, online merchants can expand their customer base by meeting consumer preferences, as studies show a majority of shoppers say that a company’s return policy influences their first-time purchase decision. With customers knowing ahead of time they can return purchased items without the burden of costly returns, merchants are likely to see an increase in their average order value and a jump in customer satisfaction.

Retrace return shipping protection supports both the consumer and merchant. See how partners like Beflax Linen have been working closely with Sure to create a seamless customer experience without dipping into profits.

Home warranty solution

Sure’s home warranty solution is a modern, embedded home warranty offering for the digital age. Sure partners are able to create fully integrated digital home warranty experiences that enable landlords and property managers to seamlessly purchase a home warranty contract in a few simple steps..

“With Sure’s home warranty solution, we are bringing a modern, technology-enabled approach to an age-old protection product,” says Wayne. “Like our other solutions, Sure's home warranty product fits seamlessly into almost any digital experience, making the process of adding home warranty protection to any property management platform or PropTech platform as simple as a few clicks of a mouse. The home warranty market is estimated to reach almost $4 billion in 2023, and we are enabling our partners to capture their share of this growing pie through our modern home warranty protection solution embedded directly into their existing digital experiences.”

Sure’s home warranty solution is available for distribution to individual homeowners through lenders, mortgage companies, fintechs, insurance carriers, insurance aggregators, and others. Landlords can seamlessly add home warranty to their rental properties through the rental management software platforms they already use to manage their rental units. Sure is reinventing the age-old approach to home protection products through digital experiences.

Breaking the digital insurance mold one award at a time

Sure’s innovations and groundbreaking work to unlock the potential of digital insurance turned some heads in 2023. Here are some of the highlights from the extensive list of awards Sure has received this year, all of which are a testament to the hard work of Sure’s team.


The Forbes Fintech 50: Sure was featured on the Forbes Fintech 50, which identifies companies that make a deep impact on consumers and businesses with innovation. This year’s list highlighted companies that are faster than competitors, regularly releasing new products, or making major strategic improvements – not simply offering services that have looked the same for years.

InsurTech 100: For the 4th consecutive year, Sure made the FinTech Global prestigious InsurTech100 list. The InsurTech100 list celebrates the world’s most innovative insurtech companies and Sure was honored once again for building the most sophisticated digital insurance programs.

The Power 300 Financial Technology Companies of 2023: The Financial Technology Report honors the most influential companies in financial technology. Sure was named a category leader of digital insurance.


2023 Deloitte Fast 500: The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 ranks Sure as one of the fastest-growing technology, media, telecommunications, life sciences, fintech, and energy tech companies in North America. 2023 marked Sure’s third consecutive year making the list. 

2023 Inc. 5000: Inc. recognizes the fastest growing private companies in America. This year, Sure was recognized as the insurance technology leader unlocking the potential of digital insurance with a SaaS infrastructure that distributes, services, and scales digital insurance.

Built In’s Best Places to Work: Built In’s annual awards program includes companies of all sizes and stages, from startups to the enterprise, and honors both remote-first companies as well as those in large tech markets across the U.S. This year, Built In honored Sure as one of the top 100 fully remote companies to work for.


The Insurtech 50:  CB Insights recognizes the top 50 most promising insurtech companies around the world. This year, Sure was honored for innovation in distribution.

Top 10 insurtechs for auto insurance: InsurTech Digital recognizes insurtechs that are bringing streamlined, bespoke policies, and lower premiums to consumers through innovation. Sure was recognized for providing seamless digital customer experiences for the auto insurance industry.

10 Best insurance tech companies to watch: CIO Coverage annually ranks the 10 best insurance tech companies to pay attention to. CIO Coverage listed Sure because it streamlines all aspects of digital insurance sales and service with features designed for each phase of the insurance lifecycle.

The best is yet to come in 2024

Though 2023 brought awards and recognitions, new and innovative solutions, and fresh partnerships with the likes of  TurboTenant, Better, and others, the best is yet to come and we’re so excited for what’s next in the year ahead.

Sure is changing the landscape of the insurance industry with new, never before seen solutions that are transforming how digital insurance programs are built. Things like more automation and far less manual administrative work, complete flexibility to control the customer experience, and the fastest time to market. These are just a few of the advancements that Sure is bringing forward in 2024 and beyond.

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